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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgHow to test for demons, and how to get free

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How to test for demons, and how to get free.
If you are hearing any voice speaking in your head that is not yours, it is likely that you either have a demon, or a familiar spirit. The Holy Spirit can speak to you, but if the voice is controlling, unloving, or vulgar, or telling you to do things that are against God's word, then you know that the entity is not of God. This is a sign that you need deliverance. As we go through life, we accumulate unwanted spiritual entities for various reasons, especially from the time period before we were saved. Satan has hidden the knowledge of his presence, but once you know that he is there, you can be free in a relatively short amount of time. It may take longer if you have more demons, but with the Lord it is possible if you have a repentant heart and the right attitude. It is important to remember that it is the Holy Spirit who is responsible for facilitating the removal of these entities. The Holy Spirit is a person, God's spirit, living inside of you. The Holy Spirit is the one who sends the evil entities, who are also people living inside of you, away. Zechariah 4:6: Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of Hosts. When you speak to the Holy Spirit, you are speaking to God inside of you. He should be treated as a person, with respect, thanks, and praise for his help.

What is the difference between a Demon and a Familiar Spirit?
A demon is an entity that lives in the spirit world that works for Satan. A familiar spirit is a spiritual entity that enters a victim as a result of physical or mental abuse, and witchcraft. Familiar spirits are identified by the name of the abuser. For example, if a victim was sexually abused by their neighbor, the familiar spirit of the neighbor would be inside of the victim. The familiar spirit can be identified by calling the name of the person who inflicted the abuse. It does not have to be sexual, a person may get a familiar spirit from a family member. Familiar spirits may enter if one family member is jealous of another, or through the use of guilt and manipulation, or other behaviors that are not exemplifying the fruit of the spirit. Familiar spirits are different from demons, but the process of removing them is similar, and both rely on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit within. Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. The worst familiar spirit to have would be one of a witch or occult practitioner. They can use their presence in you to launch spells and witchcraft attacks on you and those in your environment, which is why it is critical to remove them as quickly as possible. It is possible that you may have been attacked by multiple witches at your workplace and did not even know it. If this is the case, you are in serious need of deliverance.

It is important to understand that if you have demons and familiar spirits inside of you, you may wonder why God's protection is not working. God's protection works to shield us from evil that is external to us. But, if we have the enemies already inside, which is the case with many people who are born again later in life, then these enemies inside of us work to torment and make life miserable for believers. Once you remove the demons and familiar spirits using the strategies outlined below, then you will experience God's peace, and his protection through daily prayer will keep you free from acquiring more evil spirits. However, if you are seeking to serve the Lord in a serious fashion, then you will be a target, and may need to rely on these strategies frequently to fend off Satan's attacks.

Checking for Demons.
The first thing that you need to do is find a quiet, private place with no distractions, music, or other interference. Then, get very still. Listen to the thoughts that arise in your sub-conscious mind, which is where the demons live. The following checks will reveal their presence if you have any. You can do this by yourself, or you can have a trusted Christian friend or relative do the checks. If another person helps you, have them do the following checks while you are still and see what comes to mind. If the voice you hear is contrary, spiteful, or vulgar towards the things of God, they have shown their hand and given themselves away. Then move on to the removal step.

Demon Check 1 - Sing
Sing the song "Oh the Blood of Jesus" several times. If you do not know how it goes, look it up. This song should greatly upset any evil entities living in you. Did you hear them in your mind? If you heard them, then they would say something like "shut up," "stop that," "stop singing that stupid song." They cannot stand to hear about the blood of Jesus. You will likely hear foul language as well. This is a sure sign that you have demons. Do not feel bad, most people do.

Oh, the blood of Jesus. Oh, the blood of Jesus. Oh the blood of Jesus makes [your name] as white as snow.

Demon Check 2 - Praise God
Start praising the Lord. Praise him over and over for different things. Be sincere. If you have demons, this will likely get a negative response in your mind.

Demon Check 3 - Read the Bible Out Loud
Start reading the Bible out loud. If you hear negative responses in your mind, such as, "You don't believe that," or, "That's stupid," or something similar, then you have definitely have demons.

Demon Check 4 - Do a physical scan and a mental scan. Demons create a variety of bodily aches and pains. If you have something specific, you can address the entity (Step 4 below) by the name of its function. For example, "entities giving me a headache, what is your name?"

Demon Removal Prayer Strategy
Step 1 - Pray a salvation prayer.
Even if you believe that you have been born again, it never hurts to pray this prayer. "Lord Jesus Christ, if I have never invited you into my heart before, I am doing so now. Please forgive my sins and save my soul, in Jesus' name."

Step 2 - Repent.
Make sure that you have repented for obvious sins things that you know are wrong.

Step 3 - Submit yourself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
If someone is helping you, then both individuals should do this. Pray "Father, we submit ourselves to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and ask the Holy Spirit to help put pressure on any evil entities inside."

Step 4 - Speak to the demon out loud.
If you are alone, speak out loud, or if you have a prayer partner, have them speak to the demon. The key is, when the demon speaks in your mind, vocalize out loud to the other person what you hear in your head, even if it is offensive (it usually will be). Every time that the demon speaks, you will speak out loud what you hear. You will basically be having a dialogue with the voice that you hear in your head. Then ask the demon a series of questions, or have your prayer partner do this interrogation process:

Ask, "What is your name?" They rarely tell their name, because it gives you leverage over them. You can move on. Ask them "How did you get in?" "How long have you been there?" "What have you been doing to this person?" "What have you been telling them?" "Do you have any legal right to be there?"

Sometimes you may get to the answer quickly, other times they will evade you. The main thing that you want to make sure that you have done is to find out if there is some sin that you need to repent for before the demon can leave. If there is, repent, then return to the dialogue. If you get no answer, proceed to the prayer below:

Step 5 - Get the demon to recognize the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
When you are ready to remove the demon, there are two important steps that follow. First, you must get the demon to acknowledge the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ in the prayer recipient. If they will not, then ask the Holy Spirit to compel them to acknowledge his presence. Then ask the demon again to recognize the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ in the prayer recipient. They should then say yes.

If the demon is creating physical pain, stomach upset, or other discomfort in your body, you might ask the Holy Spirit to let the demon feel in its body and all of its cohorts the same pain that you are experiencing, amplified.
Step 6 - Get the demon to admit to surrender and defeat by the Lord Jesus Christ.
From there, the next point is to get them to admit to complete surrender and total defeat by the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask them, entity, do you admit to complete surrender and total defeat to the Lord Jesus Christ? The answer should be yes. If not, ask the Holy Spirit to again compel them to recognize their defeat, and ask again.
Step 7 - Final demon removal.
The final step is the removal step. Tell the entity: "In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to go directly to the lake of fire, according to the Lord's will." They may put up a fight, but they do not have a choice in the matter. They are counting on you wavering and not knowing that they have no choice but to obey. Then follow up with: "Holy Spirit, thank you for sending this entity away. Please send every evil spirit inside of me now to the Lake of Fire, or wherever you would have them to go, according to your will. Amen."

As a follow up, pray: "Holy Spirit, your word says that you are an all consuming fire. I pray that you would place an all consuming fire on every evil spirit in my body now. I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness, dumbness, civil war, and fragmentation on every evil spirit power inside. Lord, in the same way that Daniel killed the serpent, I ask that your angels would go inside and do the same thing to every serpent in my body. I loose your giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of witchcraft and all occult spirits in Jesus name. Please pull every evil thing out of me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head and everything in between. Please pull them out of my mouth and other gates. " I praise you and thank you for your help Lord. Amen. This may result in burps, yawns, gas, and trips to the bathroom.

Continue this checkup every day until you no longer hear any negative feedback to the demon checks above. Periodically check up and make sure you have not picked up any new entities. You can do this for your children, family, and friends to help them get free. The Lord has made the husband the head of the family, so if possible, the father should pray for his wife and children, though even children can command the demons out and in the authority of Jesus they will leave.

You will be amazed at the results of these prayers.

Prayer Strategy to Remove Familiar Spirits.

When a person is abused physically, mentally, or emotionally, or is the intentional victim of witchcraft or ritual abuse, a familiar spirit of the abuser(s) usually enters the victim.  Other demons may enter as well depending on the nature of the abuse. These spiritual entities can live inside of the victim forever if undetected, and will create many physical and mental problems for that person.  This familiar spirit may be the staging point for witchcraft oppression on the individual, or at the least, whispering words and voices that seek to derail those who have given their lives to Christ.  If you truly want to follow the Lord and enjoy Christian liberty, then these steps will greatly aid you in becoming a single minded, instead of multiple minded person. If you have been sodomized, that is, if someone has performed anal sex on you at any point in your life, then you likely have a familiar spirit of the person that sodomized you. Go after these first. Sodomy is not accepted by the Lord as an acceptable form of sex, not even for a husband and wife. If you have been deceived and engaged in this with your husband or wife, repent and remove the familiar spirit of the person who did the sodomizing. Many Christians are suffering from Satan's lies that these things are ok. Fantasy, especially sexual fantasy, is a primary way that a person may get a familiar spirit, and is a form of witchcraft. If you know of someone who may have been what the Bible calls a "filthy dreamer" then you might investigate to see if they are inside of you. A filthy dreamer is someone who was fantasizing and thinking of you while pleasuring themselves sexually. God knows our thoughts, and Jesus Christ warned that to lust after a person in our minds is the same as committing adultery with them. God makes it clear that it is not ok to fantasize about other individuals, not while single, or within a marriage. To have sexual relations with your wife while thinking of another person is adultery in the Lord's eyes. There are serious spiritual consequences involved that few people realize when we break God's laws. We need to repent and remove the familiar spirits and demons that have gained entrance to our lives as a result of breaking God's laws.

If you are the victim of Satanic ritual abuse, then you want check for the spirit of legion, which can be installed when a person is abused sexually by many people at one time. Spirits of panic, fear, stress and other demons can also enter at the time of these rituals.

In order to get free from unwanted voices and physical ailments, it is necessary to call on the power of the Holy Spirit to get free from Satan's prison.  God's word says that it is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts. The Holy Spirit may bring a person to your mind in a vision, or he may give a word of knowledge to the prayer recipient or prayer partner. If you are sensitive, then you will not miss important clues and direction given by God. Invite the Holy Spirit to direct the prayer session.

You might start by making a list of the people who you feel have hurt you most in your life, and start from there.  List close friends and family who were not Christian or were Christian in name only.  Anyone who was in the occult should be on the list.  Past sexual relationships should definitely be included. You might start by making this list and numbering it. Then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to direct which familiar spirit he would like removed first, or which one is creating the most problems for the prayer recipient. He may give you a name or a number on the list, or a vision of the person he would like you to remove. 

This is a basic approach to removing the familiar spirits that may be residing in a person.  It is important to let the Holy Spirit lead the process, since he knows what we do not.  Be sensitive to thoughts that come to your mind and the [Prayer recipient]'s mind.  The Holy Spirit may give you direction and information about how to bring deliverance and freedom to the person you are praying for.

This prayer approach is most helpful in a setting with two Christians who are fully surrendered to God and believe that God can free them.  Belief and honesty are big obstacles to freedom with this method.  If you are having trouble, ask God to help show you what is impeding you.  The prayer partner is the person who directs the prayer while the prayer recipient is the person who is being prayed for.  If you cannot honestly tell the prayer partner what comes to your subconscious mind, then you should consider finding someone who you can confide in.  It is best to not censor what you hear in your subconscious, even if it is vile.  When dealing with the demons and familiar spirits, they are often vulgar, so be prepared.  The more honest you are, the more freedom you will receive.  God honors our honesty, especially when it is combined with a spirit of true repentance.

Be specific, to avoid confusion, name the person you are talking to in each question (Holy Spirit, subconscious mind, Prayer recipient, or familiar spirit).


Prayer Partner and Prayer Recipient:  Lord's prayer:  Our Father, who art in heaven, hollowed by they name.  They kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen.

Pray a quick salvation prayer. Some people who think they are born again are not. Even if you believe that you have been born again, it cannot hurt to pray this prayer.

Prayer Partner: [Prayer recipient] Please repeat after me: "Lord Jesus Christ, if I have never invited you into my heart before, I am doing so now. Please forgive my sins and save my soul, in Jesus' name."

Prayer Partner and Prayer Recipient:  We declare that our bodies are bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, and that any entity not of the Lord here is trespassing.  Deliverance is the children's bread, Holy Spirit, please help us to bring freedom to [Prayer recipient].

Prayer Partner:  Before we begin, I submit myself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Prayer Partner:
  [Prayer recipient] do you submit yourself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Prayer Partner:  [Prayer recipient], do I have permission to talk to your subconscious mind?

Prayer Partner:   Subconscious, how are you doing today?

Prayer Partner:   Subconscious, what comes to mind when I say, "national flag?"

Prayer Partner:   Subconscious, what do you think about the Lord Jesus Christ?

Prayer Partner:   Subconscious, do you know if the [Familiar spirit of [name]] is in [Prayer recipient]?


Prayer Partner:   Holy Spirit, you are the Spirit of truth.  Please help us to bring truth and freedom to [Prayer recipient].

Please facilitate the identification and removal of things bothering [Prayer recipient].


Prayer Partner:  Holy Spirit, your word says that there is nowhere in all of creation that we can hide from you.  Please help us by going to the location of the [Familiar spirit of [name]] and compel them to tell the truth.  If they are sleeping, please wake them up, if they are hiding, please find them and bring them to attention.

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], are you in [Prayer recipient]?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], how long have you been in [Prayer recipient]?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], when did you enter [Prayer recipient]?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], what have you been trying to do in [Prayer recipient's] life?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], what have you been telling [Prayer recipient] in his mind?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], what is your ultimate goal?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], are you the strong man in [Prayer recipient]?  Who is the strong man in [Prayer recipient]?

- if there is another strongman named, then go through this process with that entity.

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], do you recognize the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ in [Prayer recipient]?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], do you admit to complete surrender and admit total defeat by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you and all of your kingdom and subordinates to leave [Prayer recipient] immediately. 

Prayer Partner:  [Familiar spirit of [name]], I command you to gather up and remove everything that you have brought into [Prayer recipient] and be cast into the lake of fire now.  Be gone!


Prayer Partner:  Subconscious, is the [Familiar spirit of [name]] gone?

Prayer Partner:  Subconscious, what was the [Familiar spirit of [name]] doing to you?

Prayer Partner:  Subconscious, how do you feel now that they are gone?

Prayer Partner:  Holy Spirit, thank you for sending the [Familiar spirit of [name]] and all of his subordinates to the lake of fire. 

Prayer Partner:  Holy Spirit, please restore [Prayer recipient's] soul and bring healing to [Prayer recipient's] mind, will, and emotions.

Prayer Partner:  Holy Spirit, please continue to show [Prayer recipient] any other familiar spirits that are creating bondage in [Prayer recipient's] life.

Prayer Partner:  Holy Spirit, thank you for the freedom that you have given [Prayer recipient].  We give you all the honor, praise, and glory in Jesus name.

Repeat the process for the next familiar spirit. There may be many, but the results are worth it, physical health and sound mind, and closeness to the Lord Jesus Christ.


The three most important things to do as the foundation of a Christian life are to :

1)  Pray daily before going to sleep for protection at night from witchcraft attacks in your dreams and while sleeping.  This will ensure that you do not accumulate more demonic and witchcraft bondage.

2)  Work towards deliverance for yourself and family.  Peel back the layers of witchcraft and demonic accumulation from the time in your life before you knew to pray for protection daily.  Remove demons, and the familiar spirits of witches and people who have abused you in your life.  Depending on your work and family situation, you may have a lot of work to do, but it is worth it.  This is the sanctification process.

3)  Come apart and be separate from evil people, groups, and organizations. 
Blessed be the tie that binds our heart in Christian love, cursed be the tie that binds us to anything else.

From here, you will hear God's voice more clearly, begin to operate in the spiritual gifts, and have a better sense about how God wants to use you.


Sleep, the Time When Witchcraft Powers Attack.
Most people lock their doors and some even invest in expensive alarm systems to protect their houses at night.  Others may keep a weapon on hand to defend against home invaders.  These steps all help to protect our physical bodies.  But what about our soul, mind, will, and emotions?  What about the evil spirit world?

One of the most important questions to ask is, do you have spiritual protection when you enter into sleep at night?  It does not matter if your house has all of the latest security devices, motion sensors and cameras.  Living next to a police department will not save you from witchcraft and satanic attacks at night.  An entourage of armed body guards outside your room will not be able to help you either.  Buddha, Allah, or other religions offer absolutely zero protection from the evil spirit world.  Only the Lord Jesus Christ can shield you from demons, witches, and those who seek to destroy your soul for advancement in Satan's kingdom.


Temporal Spiritual Security, Eternal Spiritual Security
Only prayer and God's power can protect you from evil powers attacking you while you sleep at night.  Why should you care about being attacked by the occult world?  Because the occult world seeks to dominate, control, influence, and manipulate you, all without you knowing.  They will use you and steal your personal power while compromising your health.  Victims frequently become physically sick and their bodies will suffer.  They will subtly steer you into directions you would not normally take.  They will suggest thoughts in your mind and block you from hearing the Holy Spirit, experiencing God's presence, and operating in the spiritual gifts.

Spiritual protection is one of the main benefits that following God provides.  Some people may think that following the Lord has no tangible benefits in this life.  This is a lie.  It is also the case for people who do not know the spiritual rules that God has set in place.  We must pray, and then we receive the protection that only an all powerful God can provide.  The only true peace and security in life is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many of these evil powers do not only attack once and leave.  Many permanently reside within your body to do you physical and mental harm forever.  These entities are the source of many of the health issues that people encounter throughout their lives.  Many of those who experience voices and multiple personalities are actually suffering from witchcraft attacks.  Of these attacks, many entities enter and reside in your body that are the familiar spirits of people who are having filthy dreams and fantasies about them, or are abusing them in some other way. 

Once these people get inside their target, the can reside there forever, unless you know how to ask God to remove them through prayer.  They can subtly influence your mind and your thought patterns, pushing you toward decisions you might not normally make.  You may wake up wondering why you cannot get a certain person that you do not normally think about out of your head.  This is a symptom of a witchcraft attack.  You may notice that you are suddenly attracted to a person you previously never found attractive.  You may wake up suddenly having homosexual thoughts that you never had before.  These are examples of witchcraft attacks.  Many of the problems people experience today are rooted in the evil spirit realm.

A person who does not know about the spiritual reality described here has likely accumulated a lot of spiritual "baggage" that is contributing to physical and mental health disorders, and also blinding their minds to the truth of the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, there is deliverance and freedom available through God, who will release us from Satan's prison if we ask with the right heart and a spirit of repentance.

God Shows our Problems in Dreams
God is good to us and frequently uses dreams to communicate things to us.  God often shows us the source of our troubles through our dreams.  It is a good idea to buy a voice recorder and document your dreams as soon as you wake up.  Who is appearing in your dreams?  What are they doing to you?  Take note of these people.  Go through the prayer steps below to check for and remove the familiar spirits of those in your dream.  Pray for God to help you remember your dreams, and to show you the source of your spiritual problems.


Filthy Dreamers
If a person goes to sleep at night, and someone they know goes to bed and fantasizes about them sexually, then without God's protection, a part of that person (the filthy dreamer) can get into the person they were fantasizing about.  This is a serious problem, because those fragments stay in that person, causing torment and physical health problems.  God's word teaches us that when a man and woman come together, they become one flesh.  When someone has a sexual fantasy about another, then he or she has committed adultery with them in their heart and mind.  Both individuals suffer in this case.  If the victim of the fantasy prayed for God's protection that night, they would not have been spiritually infected, but if they are not under God's protection, they will suffer from having a spirit of their abuser inserted in their being, which can only be removed through prayer.

Many people do not realize or understand that there is an evil spirit world that goes into action at night.  If you do not have God's protection, you are an easy target for the occult world.  Being a Christian does not automatically guarantee you protection.  Some people think that because they accepted Christ, they get automatic protection and that they do not need to pray.  These people have been deceived. 

Like salvation, God's protection is something that we must ask for.  God promises to protect us, but our role is to ask for that protection daily.  We eat daily for nourishment, and likewise we must pray daily for spiritual nourishment and protection.  Failure to pray daily for protection will leave us wide open to Satan's devices and attacks.  Satan uses those who are disobedient and rebellious around you to try to weaken, and if possible, sideline you from God's service.  Anyone who is not obedient and following God is a candidate to hurt you. Satan really does not mind people becoming Christian as long as they do not pray, because a prayerless Christian poses no threat to him whatsoever, and is an easy target.  Prayerlessness is powerlessness.

The most important thing that a Christian can do daily is to pray for protection from the evil world during the day time and most importantly at night time before going to sleep.  It is important to pray both day and night, but night time would be the most important time to ask for God's protection due to the vulnerability of sleep.

Wise Christians who want to be shielded from evil powers should pray for personal protection and for the protection of their family, the body of Christ, their leaders, and all who God has called.  We should pray for God to place a wall of fire on every side around our homes and to shield us in our dreams from night intruders.  Pray for God to protect your body, soul, spirit, and conscious, subconscious mind from evil intruders.

If Christians fail to pray for protection from night attacks, witches and occultists can and will infiltrate their lives.  Then, the other Christian activities that they engage in will eventually be weakened and eroded.  This is like the parable of the sower, where Satan stole the seed before it could take root.  Our goal as Christians is to live a victorious life of service to God.  As soon as we set out to do that, Satan steps in to oppose us at every turn.  He uses the demonic world, and he also uses the humans in the occult world, and all who are in rebellion against God to hurt Christians.  We need to persevere until the end, but Satan would like to take us out early if possible.

The goal of witchcraft is to control and compromise people who pose a threat to Satan's kingdom.  If you are not praying for protection, you are vulnerable.  If you have not prayed in the past, then you likely need to pray for deliverance from the familiar spirits that are installed by witchcraft powers.

Night time is the most dangerous time of the day.  Evil powers operate at night.  Witches and warlocks, Satanists and occultists operate at night.

The evil world attacks unsuspecting people at night.  Unless you have God's protection, you will be a victim of the evil world.

One of the main ways that evil people can attack other people is in their dreams.  When you are sleeping, you are the most vulnerable.  Your defenses are down, and evil people project into people who are their victims and targets who they wish to dominate or control. 


Who is a witch?

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

That means that anyone who is not obedient and placing God first in their lives is, according to the Bible, is practicing witchcraft.

Satan is the spirit that operates in the children of disobedience.

Disobedience and rebellion are characteristics of witchcraft.

There are varying degrees of witches.

A person who is not following God and seeks to manipulate, dominate and control the members of their family and friends would be on one end of the spectrum.

A person who is seeking occult and witchcraft power from Satan through the practice of rituals and sacrifices is engaging in witchcraft on the other end of the spectrum.

Satan can use both of these people.  These people know what they are doing, and intentionally set out at night to do harm to others.

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