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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.

ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgChemtrails Vs Plane Trackers

Observing Chemtrails in Satellite and Plane Trackers

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This page is devoted to disproving the common argument that chemtrails are created by passenger jets. Throughout the day, you can confirm that chemtrails are not created by commercial planes by comparing satellite images with flight trackers. The trails in the satellite images often do not correlate with the planes on the flight tracker. They frequently differ in both quantity and in direction. Many times, the number of trails in the satellite images do not add up to the number of planes in the flight tracker, and they are usually not traveling in the correct directions, as seen in the examples provided below. This effectively proves that passenger jets are not the source of these trails, which are in fact, demonic.
Frequently, many chemtrails are observed in the satellite images in regions of the sky where there are no planes in the flight tracker at all. There is no reasonable explanation for this in the context of the argument that chemtrails are created by passenger jets.

Two good sites for tracking flights are Flight Aware (Map) and Flight Radar. When you click on a plane in Flight Aware, it provides the path of the flight as well which is useful for these purposes. For satellite images, you might use the Slider application from Cira, Nexlab from DuPage, Noaa's Goes East page, SSEC's Geostationary Satellite Imagery, or University of Wisconsin's Satellite Imagery.

Do you really want to know the truth? Then keep an eye the flight radar and the satellite images throughout the day and you will realize that chemtrails cannot be created by passenger jets. Look for the patches of linear trails in the satellite images, then find the same area on the flight tracker, and try to match them up. Document and share you findings and see what kind of responses you get. The occult world will do everything that it can to keep the truth hidden.



Chemtrails in Satellite images
Many times it is difficult to see the chemtrails in the standard visible satellite images. IR band 13 does a good job at revealing things, but the Eumetsat Dust and Ash images are often the easiest ways to detect the presence of the linear chemtrails. Look for linear and criss-cross features. You can also correlate the satellite images with webcam images using the Multicam tool developed for this purpose.
While studying the flight trackers and satellite images, it is important to keep track of the timestamps of both applications. Usually they are in UTC, or universal time, which makes it easy. If you are not watching the timestamps, your findings may not be relevant, so be sure to document and include this in any presentation you may make for this argument. You could use a screen capture program like camtasia or snagit to record the planes for a period of time on the flight tracker, and then load the archived frames for that time period using the Slider satellite image application.
Plane Routes
You can view the actual route of each plane by clicking on the plane in the map of Flightaware. This may help when trying to compare the trails in the satellite images withe the flight tracker. This helps to know where the plane came from, where it is going, and further prove the point that they do not match up with the satellite images.

The examples below help to illustrate the exercise outlined here. You can create your own examples by keeping an eye on the satellites and plane trackers and taking screen shots and compiling them. Your efforts in this area will be very beneficial, because many people still believe that chemtrails are created by commercial jets.


One way to start your search is to look for areas on the flight tracker where there are few or no planes at the present moment. These are good regions to start your search because you will not have to wonder if the trails are being created by passenger jets. Then, look at the satellite for the corresponding regions. Do you see trails? If so, how could they have been created by passenger jets if no planes are in that area? You might start your search in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific ocean off the coast of Baja California Mexico where there are fewer planes. Also, consider times when there are fewer flights, such as 12 am to 3 am at night.

1) Load the flight tracker, search and find areas that do not have many planes at the moment.
2) Load the satellite images, and find areas where there are criss cross chemtrails.
3) Compare them side by side. Are there trails being created in areas where there are no planes?
4) Search during off-hours times for flights where there are less planes in the air.
5) Be sure to check the timestamps of the flights and the satellite images.
6) Print screen or record your screen and share your findings online. What kind of reaction did you get?
It is helpful to have the plane tracker window side by side with the satellite images when trying to understand the chemtrails. One solution is to install a tile extension for your web browser which will allow you to have two panes side by side for easy comparison. Tile Tabs for Firefox and Chrome is one example.
Click here to view a side by side example on this website.
Share your findings
It is important that you share your findings with others, since the majority of the population still believes that chemtrails are coming from passenger jets. Post your images and videos online to help others learn the truth.
Progression of Arguments
Once a person has arrived at the conclusion that the chemtrails are not made by commercial airplanes, the next thing that they might think is that these are some kind of secret geo-engineering planes that are not registered with the plane trackers.

Argument 1: Chemtrails are created by passenger jets.

When that fails,

Argument 2: Chemtrails are created by top secret geo-engineering program.

When that fails,

Argument 3: Chemtrails are created by aliens.

The occult world does not want you to ever realize the truth. Aliens are demonic, and these things are in fact, demons.

Many websites and organizations seem to be set up to deflect and keep people from a knowledge of the truth. If the first argument fails, the occult world is counting on you believing the second. The information on these pages exists to help people see the truth that the chemtrail planes are in fact demonic. They are not government geo-engineering or aliens, but in truth, demonic. Why is proving this so important? Because the entire world population is being lied to. Good, honest people are being deceived, and the salvation of many millions of souls is at stake.

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